30.12.16 / Tenerife, Spain

In Arona, on the Southern slope of El Teide, a German gallery owner and art-collector constructed a truly magical place to convey a unique vision – “Mariposa” is a cultural project, a sculpture-park, which aims to bring together artists, scientists and politicians from all over the world in order to discuss the state of our world and to develop ideas – they call it “future-workshop and think tank”. There are numerous guest-houses here, lecture-space and, above all, art… In today’s image, a group of light-sculptures by Vera Roehm called “Night is the Earth’s shadow” – the laser-cut sentences have a white satin glass backing and the aluminum cubes are brightly illuminated from within. Thus the sentence shines out at the observer in different languages – from English to Hebrew to Arabic – in different fonts selected specifically for each language.


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