5.4.2016 / Stahringen, Germany

blog_Maui_finalFROM BACK HOME
After three weeks on the road, I arrived back home on the weekend. Maui has been fantastic – I met wonderful people and got to know a diversity of nature and environments completely unknown to me. That is one of the really interesting things about this project – it allows me to dive deep into a place, often far beyond what I imagined it to be. And it opens my eyes for people, places and connections between things that I may not have noticed otherwise – and that certainly has to do with the astronomy-context, as the sheer dimension of that science do not only make me think of the “bigger picture”, but seems to let me cherish the smallest and most ordinary of things, too. That said, Maui (like most places in this oh so wonderfully strange world) is so much more than white sand beaches, turquoise water and lush rainforest (although, it is definitely that, too…). There is an incredibly rich culture and history to the Hawaiian Islands, which I wasn’t fully aware of when I first got there. But, again, that is part of the beauty of this project and photography in general. Always surprised by the unpredictable. I hope you enjoyed the images and impressions from Hawaii – as always, there will be an in-depth photo-series published on the website soon and I’ll be in touch via newsletter once that is online. Let me close by giving you an outlook of what is to come in the next few months. In late June, an exhibition will be opening at Summerhall Arts Centre, Edinburgh, in cooperation with St. Andrews University; in August, there will be a show in the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Singen, Germany. I’ll keep you posted!