29.04.2014 / Sutherland, South Africa

As I mentioned in a previous post, the Community Centre has a wonderful program running to get children from the community interested in astronomy – and science in general. The kids already “observe” the sky while steering the kites, and then follow up on that more closely with a telescope – today taking a look at Jupiter, Mars and the Southern Cross. There were about 30 kids and teenagers around, and I am happy to have had the chance to attend such an event. What an experience – so much fun for everyone and so rewarding to see their native curiosity. After my return from South Africa, I will publish a story about each location on the website (in the ‘Observatory’-section), and this event will definitely be part of it…

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  1. George

    Today I had the opportunity to meet Florian Schwarz for the first time. His passion for his profession but also his vigour for life was clearly evident. Keep up the good work!!

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