25.3.2016 / Maui, Hawaii

blog_Maui_10ROAD TO HANA
Hana, “Heavenly Hana” – the end of the world on the other side of the volcano. One week to go on Maui, of which I will spend a few days here in Hana, a very secluded small town in the Southeast of the island. The drive to Hana, the „Hana Highway“, is infamous. Rated one of the most beautiful roads on the planet by countless sources, figures about the amount of tight curves, bridges and waterfalls vary. The „Hana Highway“ starts in Kahului and makes its way along the eastern shoreline of the island to Hana – 60 miles of rainforest-lushness via approximately 600 turns and 50 single-lane bridges (and, yes, just as many waterfalls). It is said that, due to its utter remoteness on the opposite foothills of Haleakala (the road has only been properly paved in 1981, and, as of today, the drive takes almost 3 hours – without stopping at each and every waterfall, that is…), Hana has preserved a special sense of Hawaiian authenticity… I’m curious to find out!


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