23.3.2016 / Maui, Hawaii

No words yesterday after having heard and seen what had happened in Belgium, where I spent four very happy and important years of my life at art-school. As of today, I am back at it – having spent one more day at Haleakala Observatory photographing and filming (Thanks again, Mark!). Here’s the „centerpiece“ of LCOGT’s setup on Haleakala, the „Faulkes 2-meter Telescope“ – having just opened up the enclosure at sunset. This class of telescopes was manufactured by Telescope Technologies Ltd (now part of LCOGT) in Birkenhead, UK. Three of this class were made, two of which, Faulkes Telescope North (here at the Haleakala-site) and Faulkes Telescope South (at the Siding Spring-site, Australia), are part of the LCOGT network.


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