09.11.15 / Andacollo, Chile

blog-13My time in Chile is slowly coming to an end. Tomorrow I will start my “descent” south back to Santiago, from where I will fly back to Germany. The trip to Chile concludes my coverage of the Southern hemisphere and after my return an in-depth photo-essay will be published on the website (to be announced in a newsletter). My journey was filled with beautiful impressions and encounters, meeting many generous people. I would like to especially mention my friends Rebeca and Daniel (her son) from Andacollo here, without whom this journey would not have been the same. Rebeca managed the difficult task to make the contacts with the miners, and Daniel accompanied me for a whole week translating in burning sun and impervious fog. Thank you, thank you. And yet, today’s post is about yet another “first-time-experience” – I was having lunch, and there was that dog lying some meters away from me in the sun. All of the sudden, the dog grew extremely nervous and started whining; and I am thinking ‘What the ….?’ About 30 seconds later I had my answer – an earthquake. Nothing severe, but I was astonished by that animal’s instinct. One more post from Santiago will follow!


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