07.05.2014 / Cape Town, South Africa

I am leaving South Africa on Election Day, and driving to the airport I passed lines and lines of people in front of the poll sites; they must have been hundreds and hundreds of meters long! What an incredible sight. Then I decided to go and take one last glance at the ocean, where I saw this girl sitting on the rocks. In this fascinating, and sometimes disturbing, country full of diversity and contradictions, I met so many joyful, strong and dedicated people in the past three weeks. I couldn’t be more grateful for the moments, stories and images they shared with me. I experienced the great (and growing!) impact of astronomy on an entire community. Every day I photographed intensely, and I cannot wait to start working on the large amount of material I shot, which will be edited into a visual story. So long, “Rainbow Nation”! One day I’ll be back to see the elephants.


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