Observatorio del Teide

tenerifeAltitude: 2,390 m (7,841 ft)
Nearest town: La Orovata
Distance from town: 32 km
Established in: 1964
Coordinates: 28°18′00″N 16°30′35″W

Town: La Orovata
Population: 41,255
Province: Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Founded in: 1502
Altitude: 390 m (1,279 ft)
Coordinates: 28° 22′ N, 16° 31′ W

What will I encounter in Sutherland, the coldest town of South Africa? In the Atacama Desert in Chile? In the forests of Australia's Blue Mountains? After my return from each journey, a series of images will be published in the respective 'Observatory'-section of this website. The journey to Tenerife is scheduled for late autumn, 2014.